1. Participate in Anti-Street Harassment Week happening worldwide, April 12-18, 2015!

This 5th annual international event is a great opportunity to gather with like-minded people who are passionate about trying to end street harassment. Make an appearance in your city!

Learn more about the event and how you can get involved.

The video below shows scenes from previous events:

2. Come up with your own way to combat street harassment!

What unique talents or ideas do you have that could help bring awareness to this problem? Perhaps it involves a mobile app, billboards, or balloons. The more ways we can spread the message, the more likely it is that change will occur.

Happy brainstorming!

Organizations, movements, & projects

Organizations such as Hollaback!, Meet us on the Street, and Stop Street Harassment host events all over the world where supporters can share their stories and strategize about how to end cat-calling, groping, public masturbation and other kinds of street harassment.

Additionally, movements using art and design such as Stop Telling Women to Smile and Cards Against Harassment provide a strong visual message to help support cause of awareness and education.




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